Thoughts on Justice for Men and Boys, the anti-feminist political party


Some ramblings on men’s rights

It’s a tough old world if you’re a man – lazy women who naturally put less effort into their careers are stealing all your jobs, they’re over represented in government, have infiltrated the criminal justice system, and to top it all off, every time I click my fingers (click, click), an innocent man’s life is ruined by another false rape claim. Thanks to feminism’s evil dominance, it’s a woman’s world now.

This is life according to political party Justice for Men and Boys (JMB) who are hoping to win over some marginal Tory seats in Nottinghamshire at this year’s general election. It was founded in 2013 by Mike Buchanan – ex-Conservative party consultant, men’s rights activist and, no doubt, lady killer – in an attempt to stand up for Britain’s men (click) in this appallingly unequal “anti-male state”. Some of the comments above came from his interview last week with the Independent about “vile” feminists, my favourite comments I’ve included below:

“Whereas women are born with worth, they grow up knowing they’re valuable… men just have no worth as human beings.” They’re nothing more than “walking wallets”.

A statement my boyfriend will no doubt be most upset by – he’s always considered himself pretty good at washing up too.

After a brief glance at their manifesto, its main focus appears to be the supposed marginalisation of men. Women – feminists – have driven them out of the work place, out of families and marriages, destroyed their education by employing female teachers and compromised their health care. To be honest, it reads a bit like a teenager having a strop – ‘it’s all their fault’.

JMBPolicies include removing women from government, reducing the legal time-limit for abortions, GBH convictions for women who drink during pregnancy, anonymity for sexual offenders and compulsory paternity testing for babies. Sorry, which gender is attacking which?

Although valid men’s issues such as high suicide and fatal accident rates feature, the main rhetoric is one of ignorance and thinly-veiled mysogony – “there are no ways in which the state disadvantages women and girls,” “women continue to seek partners who are better-off than themselves” etc.

And then there’s ‘male genital mutilation’. While circumcision at birth is something I don’t agree with, the JMB manifesto implies that efforts to combat the awful practice of FGM (born with worth – really?) have in some way solved the problem – it’s now taking up an unfair amount of attention. This makes my blood run cold.

I have nothing against efforts to address issues concerning the health and wellbeing of men (the little mites have got to fill their time with something) – Keele University recently fought off NUS opposition to keep its men’s rep. Fine. But JMB’s policies are something else entirely. Something that goes hand-in-hand with another recent story about an American cardinal who blamed feminism for peodophile priests. It’s an attempt to undermine equality, to restore male dominance under the guise of victimisation.

Women fight inequality every day of their lives in some way or another. Denying that is not men’s rights and it has nothing to do with male disadvantage or identity crisis, it’s about taking women down a peg or two. But there is some good news – this sort of backlash can only mean one thing: we’re winning.



18 thoughts on “Thoughts on Justice for Men and Boys, the anti-feminist political party

  1. I was so shocked when I first learned about the “men’s rights movement.” For hundreds of years, women around the world were viewed as second class citizens, and some still are viewed that way today. And now that women are gaining more power and equality, some men feel threatened about that and complain about how they don’t have enough rights? Ha!

    I love your conclusion. It’s true that since these men are so upset about these positive societal changes, then it means we’re doing something right. 🙂


    • Thr idea that more rights for women means less rights for men is baby logic. No one’s trying to belittle them, just curtail the birth-right privalige they’ve enjoyed for so long. Buchanan sounds like someone who’s working out some deep seeded bitterness over his two ex-wives.

      Thank you, and thanks for the comment.


      • Well said! I love how you say that the idea of more rights for women means less rights for men is baby logic–that’s the perfect way to describe it! Some of those men are just completely misunderstanding feminism altogether and it’s become this word some women are afraid to say.


      • I think that has something to do with the myth of the ‘militant feminist’ – the angry butch lesbian who wants all women to forego femininity and act like men and wants all men to, well, die. But it’s just a fairy tale, a stereotype used to undermine the idea of equality – you’re either a pretty woman or an ugly feminist.

        But in actual fact, you can be pretty, you can be a housewife, you can be a glamour model, and still be a feminist – it’s just the belief that women have the right to choose for themselves. Well, to me it is.

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      • Very true. There are these misconceptions about feminists fighting against anything deemed “feminine,” and that they are all “man haters.” And it’s sad that some celebrities are speaking out against feminism and perpetuating these myths. I’m thankful for celebrities like Emma Watson who are fighting for equality between men and women and educating society on what feminism truly means.

        You’re right that feminists don’t have to look a certain way or have particular jobs. Feminism is about the freedom of choice, whether that be to have kids and be a stay-at-home mom, not have kids and be a travel writer, or a little bit of work plus family. Women shouldn’t be placed in one category or the other, because that’s not how life works. There are a spectrum of lifestyle choices. And that’s the beauty of feminism. 🙂

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      • I totally agree. But I do wonder though, now that even vaguely suggesting that you might not be a feminist in the press attracts such an awful lot of negative attention, everyone jumps into call whoever it is names, that this might be counterproductive. Surely as feminists we believe it’s a woman’s right to choose not to be a feminist, too? Even though it is heartbreaking.

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      • Incredibly true. I read so many articles entitled “Why I’m not a feminist,” and every single one include the reasons, “I don’t think women should have more rights than men,” and “I’m not a man hater.” If only they knew that neither of those reasons have anything to do with real feminism.


      • Like today’s reactions to The Sun newspaper restoring topless models to page three after pretending to have abolished the practice – glamour models tweeting ‘how about I stop shaving my armpits, then can I model topless, feminists?’ New post, I think…


      • Wow, that’s so ridiculous! In my opinion, if nudity is done in an artful way, it can be powerful, but nudity for the sake of nudity when it demeans women is another story. And the models’ comments don’t help, either. They’re just publicizing their misunderstandings of feminism to the world and causing more of a divide among women.


      • Well, exactly. I have no problem with nudity, I think we should be more comfortable with it in fact. But not when it’s sexualised as it perpetuates the idea that the female form is there for titillation, especially in a culture where so many balk at the idea of breastfeeding in public. The Sun is a newspaper – all be it a bit of a rubbish, sensationalist one – not a sexy magazine, and it sends out all the wrong messages to its readers. Even children campaign for an end to page three – what sort of message are they sending them? I think I will write about it.

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      • That is such a good point. Nudity seems to be another way in which the media shows a particular form of how women should be viewed. Magazines like The Sun oversexualize women, yet since breastfeeding isn’t sexual, people look down on it in public. Women are again viewed as sexual objects to sell magazines. That’s good kids are standing up to how wrong that is. You should definitely write a post about that! I’d be interested in reading it.


  2. You “make my blood run cold” by refusing to make the common sense comparison between MGM and FGM. I do not understand how western-world feminists can carry on about FGM while blithely ignoring MGM. It’s sexist and suggests a disinterest in actual equality. Why does society view men’s genitals as a potential public health risk that ‘responsible’ parents can optionally cut up?

    As for your closing words (“we’re winning”), it’s hard not to conclude you view the world awfully like you claim Mike Buchanan does (“. . .a bit like a teenager having a strop – ‘it’s all their fault’.”). What exactly are ‘you’ ‘winning’? Why are ‘men’ your opponents? That is a tragic world view.


  3. All Power to justice for men and boys, most of the people it seems that are sticking up for men seem to be women, if one looks at all the books on men`s issues and rights on amazon. Because men held power for so long, which was mostly due to our violent tendencies (which we still possess), men slugging each other for power, the main reason why women did not hold power is because most of them were not physically strong enough to sling axes and swords against men, he who had the muscle so to speak ruled the roost, it is obvious to see why most women would have wanted to stay away from power, they didn`t want to risk having their head removed and looking after the children and the hearth seems the more logical option, civilization changed this with the Romans, but even Rome was founded by gangs of men. Feminists also forget to mention that voting for men is a relatively new concept, democracy is new to us, even Churchill said that `democracy was one of the worst forms of government`. Forget being a woman was second class, history teaches us that the more truer statement is `being poor, be that male or female was second class`, not a noble then one was invisible. Throughout the middle ages there were many powerful women, need I mention Queen Elizabeth, Boudicca, the leader of the Brigantes who negotiated terms with the Romans was a woman and many others who changed the course of this country, it is an insult to these women to say that all history was dominated by men. Justice for men are for the family, they want primarily men to have reasonable access to their children, 95% of people who have legal trouble seeing their children are men, many of them commit suicide, I am not condoning them taking their lives but statistics like this do matter, more men die of suicide in the USA than anything else. 40% of all domestic abuse sufferers are men, but there is hardly any support for them, they have 17 centres, women have over 1000 centres. My brother has recently split from his wife, she won`t let him have the kid for even one night, we never see him, she is punishing him and my parents, she has also hit my brother, he reported it to the Police, to his credit he has never hit her but maybe i would have. ALL MEN ARE NOT PREDATORS, Virgin airlines after a risk assessment in their airline policies state that a man must not sit next to a child/ren that he does not know on the plane, that he must leave the seat and sit somewhere else, this is wrong, what an age we live in, no wonder there are so few male teachers, soon there could be no male swimming coaches as many women feel that we are all PAEDOPHILLES. In the liberal feminist climate which we live in I salute JUSTICE FOR BOYS AND MEN and all the women and men who are helping address this issue.


    • Mathew… PARAGRAPHS. A bit of fact checking wouldn’t go amiss either. I’m pretty tired of comment fights with people who just really don’t understand feminism. When you’ve mastered these things, then we’ll chat.


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