Bye Bye Bath

Today is my last day in Bath. After three years of living in two places it’s finally over and I can go back to being a Londoner.

It can be pretty sometimes.

It can be pretty sometimes.

Instead of moaning about the terrible buses, lack of ethnic diversity or beige architecture, I thought I would concentrate on some of the positives about Bath. So, if you head over to my new Tumblr blog (I have no idea what to do with it) I’ll be posting some of my faves.

(BTW – it’s mainly food and sunsets.)


Picture of the week: Bestival 2012

Friday night at Bestival: Watching the XX on the main stage – things were pretty quiet, subdued even.

What I mean is I was bored. Then my neighbour, tall with slicked back hair and a cheeky grin, turned to me and said “I’ve played my card,” through chomps on his gum. “We all get one card, I played mine so they had to watch the XX with me.” He motioned to two friends, also chewing vigorously.

“This is crap,” said one. The other said nothing, distracted by a passing girl he hunched down and tenderly murmured something into her ear. The girl’s joyful expression immediately darkened, “what do you mean I look like your dad?” she squealed.

“I just wish I had a short girl to cuddle, you know?” the first man said, ignoring his mates faux pas and looking at me expectantly.

Just as my boyfriend and I were grabbed and force-hugged into a marginally sexual group sway-cuddle, too surprised to resist, a man leaped onto a nearby bin and lit a flair. In the ensuing excitement we broke away into the crowd – he was our hero.

Man with flair at the XX, Bestival 2012