Tibits London: a fussy eater’s dream

Tibits London

Tucked away just off Regent Street, Tibits is the perfect spot to feed a hungry fusspot.

Think fast food meets swanky restaurant with a hint of salad bar. It’s a welcome break from tired vegetarian restaurant staples – not a single yoga mat or hemp jumper in sight.

Pick a table, grab a bowl and help yourself to any number of colourful delights from the food boat, a sort of buffet counter. So, it’s a bit more like a fancy canteen than a normal sit down meal but don’t let that put you off. Besides the plush fabric lampshades and trendy wooden furniture, refreshingly, it’s the food that makes this place special.

The buffet bar at Tibits London

Catching the Food Boat

Dishes vary in both ingredients and cuisine. Indian inspired dishes sit comfortably alongside Chinese and Mexican, and although it’s strictly veggie, there’s something for everyone with perhaps thirty different dishes on offer at any one time.

Definitely no mushroom mishaps

You can see the food before you commit to eating it, for a picky eater this is a godsend. No embarrassing ‘oh dear, that ingredient wasn’t mentioned on the menu’ moments – for once you can just relax and enjoy the meal.

Tibits are creative with their food and offer a well-rounded variety, which on the veggie food circuit is like getting Jamie XX after a lifetime of being fed Coldplay; vibrant ideas replace clichés, predictable ingredients are brushed aside for surprising ones and you’ll be more than happy to tell your friends you’re a fan.

Reservations are a no no as Tibits like to keep things simple. Just drop in any time between 9 am and 10:30 pm weekdays, midnight at weekends, and if they can’t find a table for you, there’s always take-away. The food is charged by weight, so you just pay for what you can eat and the drinks are reasonably priced for central London.

14-18 Heddon Street London W1B 4DA

020 7758 4110

(Thanks to Spoonfed and The Prickly Margarita for the pictures.)


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